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The Hate U Gave

   The Hate U Gave is a portuguese multigaming clan born back in 2008. It's currently set to Inactive state but in the past we used to play and have teams and servers running in a bunch of several games. Basicly we were a bunch of (good) friends playing several games together that slowly evolved into a multigaming. Life took it's hit on the founders and team leaders of the clan and real life stuff started to became more and more time consuming to everyone and eventualy things start to spread apart to the state we are now. Not dead, but on life support.

   Until then, what stays is our history and what we've achieved as a group. DragoN and V1ruz started the project back in 2008 and, against all odds, made it evolve into some special. We had bunch of game servers running on our name (such as CS:S, COD4, SA:MP, Minecraft) and we even had some other uncommon projects like our personal 24/7 web radio [THUG FM] or our own image hosting website [THUG IMG]. One of the rules in our "THUG code" was to "never give up" so who knows, maybe one day we'll rise from the shadows again.

A glimp from the past...